Monday, April 20, 2009

And he's off!

The wound vac that is. The surgeon said that there's really nothing left for it to do in the healing process and now he will be using gauze and tape. The right side that's a tiny, tiny bit deep (like half a cm) will still have to be packed with gauze but the rest just needs an overlay. They want to see him back in 10 days when they will probably cauterize the shallow section on his chest. I'm not so sure about this part. It sounds horrid to me. (Must. Stop. Reading. Internet.) Of course, every time they see him, they mention a new plan of action. First it was a plan to staple the edges of his wound again, then the next visit they nixed that and it was a possible skin graft, then it was leaving it alone and just seeing how the wound vac healed it up and today it's cauterizing. At this point I wouldn't be shocked if the next new plan involved medical leeches and maggots. (Ben, if you're reading this, you'd better be extra nice to me or I am so suggesting leeches ;) )

That's all I've got in terms of big clinic news for the day. It's funny because we used to go in with a whole list of questions and concerns and now we can't come up with anything. I'm afraid of jinxing it but it seems that Ben's to the maintence part where the changes are slowing down and everything is leveling off. His levels are good, he feels good, his meds are working just fine, etc. Last November, it seemed like this phase was so far away and yet, 7 weeks after his transplant, here he is. If his next visit goes well, he won't have to be seen in clinic again for a month. A whole month. Just imagine. I suppose we'd better get working on some summer plans :)

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